Communications Year 9

Hi Year 9 students

I am really looking forward to reading your blogs.

Have a look at your presentation, you may wish to tidy it up a bit, consider including categories and tags.

Can you leave me a short comment persuading me to read you blog.

Happy blogging



40 thoughts on “Communications Year 9

  1. Planet bEarth
    ”Scientists have recently been discovering patterns; how evolution and the course of the planet, the disasters and miracles that make life that little bit more interesting, repeat themselves- which is why I am writing this blog, because to me our history will be our future! No one really knows what we will become: giants, mice or Yodas, only time will tell..!”

  2. My blog is a mixture of Art and Photography therefore the name is ‘Artography’! There is a wide variety of different things within this blog too keep you entertained 🙂

  3. My blog shows some of the recent news stories about animals and what my opinions on the stories are. My blog has plenty of pictures and so is interesting to look at and I will assure you it will not bore.I have also created a gallery which included pictures of animals. I keep my blog up to date; approximately once or twice every two weeks. I hope you enjoy reading 🙂

  4. Hi Mr O’Neill,if your interested in the world of football.My blog is the one to read and remember i cover transfers and recent news so i can keep you up to date.SO GET BLOGGING!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hi Mr O’Neill, I think you would like to read my blog, because you dont need to know everything about rugby. The whole idea is that it will help people who arent up to date with the latest rugby stories. My blog will help people understand Rugby and you will be able to choose what position you would like to play, by looking at the positions section!

  6. Hi Mr O’neill, read my blog about films!! It is mainly about new films, but I review some old ones that I watch, too. I try not to give the secrets of movies out but I usually give it a rating! Come and look to see which film you should go to watch next!!

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