Dr Faustus

Have a look at this article on a rehearsal technique called ‘Tactics’ used at The Globe Theatre.


1.) Consider 3 appropriate rehearsal techniques you might use to explore the relationship between Faustus and the other characters once he has made himself invisible (6)
One rehearsal technique I would use is animalisation .( Be aware that this technique is used a lot badly and has been mentioned in examiner’s reports as one that is easy to get wrong).The actor playing Faustus would adopt monkey characteristics as he is immature and mocking whilst the actor playing the Pope would have puppy characteristics. This would externalise emotions for the actors and make it easier to analyse the relationships(Key word from the question, so what relationship do you want to create, child with toy? Child with weaker child, bullying? Playful and fun? Key an eye on the key words.) and having a better understanding of these relationships will allow the actors to give a more convincing performance
Another rehearsal technique I would use is puppetry . I would ask the actors to rehearse the scene but with the actor playing Faustus controlling everyone else’s actions. This would allow the actors to explore the relationships between one another by getting a feel for how controlled their characters are by Faustus. For the actor playing Faustus, this exercise will highlight the level of power and control which his character has. By having a better understanding (State more certainly what you might expect this understanding to be. Don’t generalise, get straight to the point.) of the relationships between the characters, the actors will be able to convey this to the audience in a more convincing manner.
A third rehearsal technique would be to use levels in a way which portrays each characters status in that scene. For example, the Pope would get lower and lower in relation to Faustus the more he is mocked. Faustus is in complete control in this scene and the actor would therefore be on a higher level than the others. This method allows the actors to physically see the relationships between their characters.

Well done, you are really getting there. Get straight to the point, avoid generalisation. Look for key words, and keep coming back to the question.
Your paragraph structure is really working for you now.

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Top tips for A Level Drama Unit 4

Section A

  • Give a rehearsal technique and a reason, justification or expected out come.

Section B

  • Make a point that links to the question
  • Focus on a specific moment in the play
  • Get straight to the point
  • Link to the historical context/original performance conditions

For facts about Marlow’s Dr Faustus, try the link below.


Have a look at the resources on the Pearson website.


Elizabethan and Jacobean Timeline (Warwick University)


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