What’s On at the Theatre

Year 10 Drama students

Working hard on your responses to live theatre for your GCSE controlled assignment – leave reviews or recommendations for theatre that is not to be missed on this post. Add a comment if you have found something of interest that you want to share with the rest of the class.

Take a look at:




12 thoughts on “What’s On at the Theatre

  1. This is a really good site that the school should defiantly think of using it to attract people to do drama. My favorite trailer that I saw in this website is Much Ado bout Nothing as it shows a real modern twist to a classic and stars David Tennant and Catherine Tate and from past experience those two defiantly work well together and I think this is no exception.

  2. Top ten theatre productions to see in the next 6 weeks in Lincolnshire:
    1. Educating Rita- 10th may 7.30pm. Stamford corn exchange
    2. Murder in a play-2-11 may 2013. Lincoln theatre royal.
    3. The old woman, the buffalo and the lion of Manding-7th may- 8pm. Drill hall.
    4. Lincoln College Performance & Music Department: Our House-Thursday 16 May–Saturday 18 May 2013 7pm. Drill hall.
    5. The history boys-Saturday 01 Jun 2013, 7.30pm. Drill hall.
    6. Noises off Wednesday May 29th to Saturday June 1st at 7.30- Boston Blackfriars/ 7th may 2013 7.30pm. Spilsby theatre.

  3. Digital Theatre is a great website that allows you to watch plays that have been performed at a variety of places. You can either rent or buy them. However, I enjoyed just watching the free short clips of each of the plays that have been performed. Digital Theatre allows you to watch a variety of different plays, that is why I like it! You can watch Shakespeare or some more amateur directors. I enjoyed watching the play Much Ado About Nothing. This starred David Tennant and Catherine Tate. It looked exciting and the crew looked full of energy.

  4. Digital Theatre is a great website for any aged person who likes plays but doesn’t want to go to the theatre. This website gives some tasters of what you can get on the website. I would recommend you see king Lear and the fantastic Much Ado About Nothing, which is really funny and you shouldn’t miss.I like it the most because it stars David Tennant and Catherine Tate, who I have seen on Doctor Who and they both work really well together. Also on the website is a new and original version of an old favourite I liked which is A Doll’s House.

  5. The Digital Theatre puts on a large number of performances ready to be watched online or downloaded, the school would benefit from using this website as it would attract more people to drama and theatre studies as it is appealing for students. The most appealing, in my opinion, is the take on Shakespeare’s play: Much ado about nothing. It has a fantastic cast, with David Tennant and Catherine Tate playing the leads. It is appealing as it has well known people and students would therefore find it more attractive

  6. I read all the bits about Shakespeare at the Globe and it reminded me of when I went to see ‘The Taming of The Shrew’ there last year… Great performance 🙂

  7. Digital Theatre is a great website, it enables anyone to buy or rent a great piece of drama. Out of all the trailers I watched I enjoyed the take on Shakespeare’s play: Much Ado About Nothing. It seemed really interesting and also i know David Tennant and Catherine Tate from other programmes. It was appealing because I knew some of the cast already!

  8. Digital theatre is a really useful website because of all the amazing drama pieces and trailers to see. I liked “Much Ado About Nothing” the best because of it having a cast that I knew some of them from other things I’ve seen! 🙂

  9. Digital theatre was a great website for finding out about different and new performances. i watched some of the trailers and my favourite was the performance of Much Ado About Nothing. it seemed very appealing and comical and i would like to this some time in the near future!

  10. Digital theatre is a great site that makes theatre more accessible at home. I especially enjoyed listening to the trailer of Much ado about nothing as I thought that with David Tennant and Catherine Tate seemed to bring a modern comedic twist to the play.

  11. Digital Theatre has a varied range of productions on show for the public to browse through and choose, it gives the people the choice of which production would suit them most, making it a very accessible website. I especially enjoyed watching the trailer for ‘Much ado about Nothing’ and ‘Lovesong’, these both look like appealing pieces of drama to me and i think i would enjoy them is we went to see them in theatre. I would recommend this website to the school for finding different performances across the country which would suit the curriculum.

  12. Digital theatre is a really impressive site and i recommend the school using it for students wanting to do drama for GCSE. They will find watching these trailers interesting and will want to learn more, especially if they watch ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ which has very well-known performers in it; giving them a higher incentive.

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