Very Short Film

Have you ever thought of making a film for your blog. Have a look at these very short student films and see if you can find inspiration.

Click on the link below to see the films.

Leave a comment, are there any ideas you can use on your blog?


35 thoughts on “Very Short Film

  1. These videos were very interesting but unfortunately didn’t appeal to me. Partly because i’m (I’m) not that interested in uploading a video on to my blog for many reasons. One being I feel my blog would be unique without a video.

  2. If i had to pick a type of video for my blog i would probably pick the the 1st person speaking to the camera because my blog is about cooking so people could see important movements

  3. If I was going to make a one minute film for my blog, I would use the idea in “Artificial Intelligence”. I think using videos is a good idea as a blog introduction.

  4. I think that having a short film on your blog is a good idea if you want to show people things about your blog, like drawing or cooking. I think that, if I did put a film on my blog it would be one without my face in it like in “Artificial Intelligence”.

  5. I don’t think I would make one of these videos because i don’t think they are as informative as a longer video or if it was a comedy video (one which would go on Youtube i.e Parodies) it wouldn’t be as good! Maybe these aren’t the type of videos I like!

  6. If I had to pick one style for a one minute film, I would use the ‘Artificial Intelligence’ idea, because it goes with the theme of my blog.These sorts of videos could help introduce your blog to the public, and give them more of an idea of what you’re trying to show them.

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