Khan Academy


Year 7 English-HW Research: Find out something about Caribbean History – something that may make some sense of the Anansi story’–part-1


Need help with maths, science and a whole load of other stuff? Meet Sal Khan and see if his Khan Academy helps you learn.

Try the brain teaser below, as a taster – it reminds me of a Mr Wright Assembly!


74 thoughts on “Khan Academy

  1. using khan acadamy was good because it shows you a different way from what you learn in the classroom. Everyone can work individually so your can work at yourt own pace. revision is good. using khan academy in communications will help to show how to improve are blogs.
    from Olivia Tant

  2. Tt is quite helpful because it’s one to one teaching directly to you and it helps that you can hear a voice and it’s not just writing.

  3. i thought that this site was good and i will most likely use it again in the future to help me with homework or just out of interest, its easy to learn from because its someone speaking and its not wrighting; this holds your attention for longer.

  4. It’s a great website for rivision and also for fun. It seems a bit complicated but once you’ve been on it a while you get used to it. It’s a great Website to go on to learn something new as well! I had great fun playing the games that other people have made

  5. I thought Khan Academy was a interesting useful website because it was so diverse. For instance it had many fun games but also had school subjects so you could go on to it check if you need to learn or recap something for school.

  6. I think Khan academy is a very useful website, I especially liked the video on The French Revolution (les mis) as I am a massive fan of the new film. It helped me understand how Victor Hugo came to (w)rite the book.

  7. I have found Khan academy interesting and enjoyable. There are a nice variety of videos, comment, posts and games (I found the video ‘Hexiflexigon’ very amusing). It includes a large variety of subjects – you really can learn almost anything for free!

  8. I think that Khan Academy is very useful for practicing subjects. Khan Academy can also teach you useful and important things as well as fun things. The videos are very entertaining as well, I like the snowflake video.

  9. Khan Academy is a very useful site. It can help you with maths and teach you many other important things. I would definitely class it as entertaining and fun as well as productive and educational.

  10. Khan Academy was great, apart from the speed of the videos. If they slowed everything down to a normal speaking pace it would be a LOT easier to follow. Other than that, I thought that it was really useful and the video about Les Mis was really interesting.

  11. Khan Academy is a good site because it has plenty of information aswell as having games to supply entertainment… but this entertainment is just as bad as it is when your Mum drags you to a really boring show!

  12. I think that Khan Academy is a very useful and interesting website that is great help when you are stuck on a specific subject! 😀 I especially enjoyed watching the Les Miserables video, I am already a very big fan of Les Mis and now I know the background story of the film! 🙂 To improve, I would recommend having a whole tab at the top of the page (like the ‘watch’ tab) for games because I never found any! Also, maybe at the end of each video/text there could be a small and short quiz to see what you have learnt! 🙂 x

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