Twitter Fiction

Write a reconstruction of your novel in 140 characters or less.

Use Mark Haddon’s example as a model.

Once you have finished crafting your story post it as a comment on this post.

A journey to the forgotten North to find a lost friend, encountering many hurdles on the conquest beyond the Northern Lights.

Simon (Y8)


24 thoughts on “Twitter Fiction

  1. Sam
    Guns shots erupted around him guards running towards him, run was the only option. Horowitz presents the mind-blowing novel for children.

  2. Insecurity pushes Mo to the edge. Imagine that’s you, dragging your sister’s child down with you. Only hope and trust lead to a better life.

  3. Karan-War Horse by Michael Morpurgo

    The instinctive and immediate bond of trust and affection between a boy and his horse; brothers willing to risk their lives for each other!

  4. A tree falls:dad jumps. I fly out of the way, I am unconscious. I wake up, the tree has killed Dad.I join a new school I get in a fight Charlie saves me!

  5. Life is unfair for now whilst crosses dominate and noughts are turned on. Whilst crosses override the lives of noughts and they are powerless, well… for now.

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