Our Country’s Good


‘Out of Joint Theatre Company’ are performing , ‘Our Country’s Good’, at West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds, on Thursday November 15th 2012. Y12 AS Drama students will be there!


Review: Alfred Hickling.

The set: ‘Everything needs to fit in one wagon’. (Peter Rimmer)

Time lapse.

Crimereal life crime drama.

Education Pack Outofjoint

Max Stafford-Clark

The Company Blog

‘Oh, listen for a moment, lads, and hear me tell me tale,
How o’er the sea from England’s shore I was obliged to sail.
The jury says: “He’s guilty, sir,” and says the judge, says he:
“For life, Jim Jones, I’m sending you across the stormy sea.
And take my tip before you ship to join the iron gang,
Don’t be too gay at Botany Bay or else you’ll surely hang.
Or else you’ll surely hang“ says he, “and after that, Jim Jones,
High upon the gallows tree the crows will pick your bones.
You’ll have no chance for mischief then, remember what I say:
They’ll flog the poaching out of you down there at Botany Bay.” ‘(Anon)

From: ‘Jim Jones at Botany Bay’, a traditional Australian folk ballad first published in 1907 but sometimes attributed to Francis McNamara, known as Frank the Poet, who arrived on the convict ship Eliza in 1832.

Theatre Review: MorningStarOnline


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